SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A mother in Biddeford has had her world turned upside down in the recent months after learning that her first-grader has a rare form of cancer.

Since then, many community members have donated to the family and provided for them in any way possible during a tough time.

But neither Brock nor his mom knew the surprise that was coming their way.

Brock Chadwick just turned 7-years-old. He is cute, energetic, and charming.

He also was recently diagnosed with high-grade glioma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.

“I started to get a couple calls from his teacher concerned about his behavior, and really from that point on, I realized something...this isn't my Brock that I know,” explained his mother, Brittney Horton.

You wouldn't know at first sight that the happy-go-lucky, spunky birthday boy was sick. All that shows is the incision that peeks out from under his hair.

This first grader may have been bowling for his birthday, but he was having surgery at Boston Children's to remove brain tumors just one month ago.

“Everything has gone really well for him after surgery,” said Horton. “He did so good. Here he is like three days after and he's just wanting to get up and dance and just do everything. And I was just like, 'This is the old, my Brock.'”

The positivity Brock exudes comes from his mother.

“Obviously right now, time is really critical for us,” she said. “I can either cry about it, or just try and make the most of every day, you know, positive, happy.”

Brock has been out of school since surgery.

He's preparing for six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.

His mom says that insurance has covered his treatment so far, but because it is such a rare form of cancer, specialists and clinical trials are going to be necessary, and expensive.

That's where Chris Provencher - a parent of one of Brock’s classmates – decided to step in.

“[My son] Zayn is in first grade. Brock's in first grade. They're both the same age. Just kind of hit really close to home. I'm usually the guy that like just walks away, you know? But I just thought 'I gotta do something,’” he explained about the moment he heard Brock’s story.

Chris took to Facebook, holding raffles and getting donations from all over the world.

He hoped to get $1,000.

But he never expected the final result - and neither did Brock's mom.

As the kids enjoyed their cake and ice cream, Provencher presented Horton with a check for $10,600 – all raised from the generosity of an online community.

Horton was speechless, and several members of Brock’s family began to cry and thank Provencher and his family for their support. “I really appreciate you,” said Horton.

As for Brock’s future? The cancer is rare, and Horton doesn’t know what the future holds. “He's gonna do really well. You know?” she said. “He's gonna fight.”

To learn more about Brock’s story or to learn how to help – CLICK HERE.

The family is also holding a fundraiser on April 8 at 7:30 PM at the Dunegrass Country Club in Old Orchard Beach.