(NEWS CENTER) -- Health Coach, Heidi Symonds of Nourish Yourself For Life joins us on the Morning Report with a special guest! She'll discuss the 5 benefits of Qigong.

5 Benefits of Qigong

1.) Relaxes the body and mind, reducing stress.

2.) Opens the energy channels and increases energy in the body.

3 3.) Improves Circulation.

4. 4.) Reduces Chronic Pain.

5 5.) Improves overall physical condition.

Qigong is one aspect of Chinese Medicine, the core of which is about balancing the “Chee” or life force energy in your body.

The energy flows through channels called meridians, just a blood flows through the veins and arteries. Stress or physical impact can cause blockages of the Qi that can manifest physically as pain. In acupuncture or acupressure they touch specific points along these meridians to release the blockages. However, the combination of breathing and movement through qigong exercises is like a body scan and can also clear any blockages and allow the energy to come back into balance and the body to heal itself.

Daily practice, which you can do in 5 minutes, can insure health. In fact in ancient times if you wanted to become a doctor of Chinese medicine, before you were taught acupuncture or about herbs you had to learn meditation and qigong.

The concept behind Chinese Medicine is that illness is a result of the energy in the body being out of balance, this can occur due to blockages in any of the 12 major energy channels or meridians. The following qigong form is specifically designed to clear the meridians and simultaneously relax and energize the body. Daily practice of this short form will insure unobstructed qi flow and as a result health.

We begin by standing feet hip distance apart, knees slightly bent, breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Reach your arms out in front of you forming a circle as if holding a large beach ball. Visualize filling this circle with your life force energy.

Inhale, raise your arms over and behind your head.
Exhale, bring your arms forward, palms toward you and travel down the front of the torso and down the front of your legs. This movement clears the Stomach meridian.

Inhale, as you draw energy from the Earth and circle your arms overhead.
Exhale, bring your palms down the torso. When you reach your waist travel down the inside of your legs. This clears the Liver, Spleen and Kidney meridians.

Again, Inhale, as you draw energy from the Earth and circle your arms overhead.
Exhale, bring your palms down the torso. When you reach your waist reach around passing your palms over your kidneys and traveling down the back of your legs. This clears the Gall Bladder and Bladder meridians.

Hold the Ball a moment then Inhaling as you reverse direction circling down to draw energy from the Earth. Exhale as you bring it up the front of your body and overhead. On the first pass you travel up the front of the legs, clearing the Stomach meridian, finally reaching overhead connecting to the heavens before circling downward again.
On the second pass the palms travel up the inside of the legs clearing the Liver, Spleen and kidney meridians.
On the third pass the palms go up the back of the legs and over the kidneys clearing the Bladder and Gall Bladder meridians. Return to Hold the Ball briefly.

You have effectively cleared 6 of your 12 meridians. Now for the other six.

Inhale. Extend the left arm palm down, reach back with the right, palm up. I like to visualize holding a sponge that I will be washing with. Exhale as you bring the right hand over the top of your head, down your neck and over the top of your arm. This clears the Large intestine, Small intestine and the Triple Heater meridians. The Triple heater is the body’s thermostat that regulates the function of the internal organs.
Switch hands and repeat. Do this sequence 3 times on each side of the body.

Inhale, Reach back with your right hand for a 4th time but rather than bring your hand up and over, Exhale as you arc down and pass your hand over your lower abdomen, up your torso to your opposite armpit, then forward tracing the underside of your arm. This clears the Lung, Heart and Pericardium meridians. Switch hands and repeat. Do this sequence 3 times on each side of the body.

You have effectively cleared all 12 of your meridians.

Hold the Ball, then bring hands to the Lower Dantian energy center, two inches below the navel. This acupressure point is called the Sea of Qi.

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