BATH, Maine — Charges have been dropped against the 25 people who protested late last month during a Bath Iron Works christening ceremony, the Sagadahoc County District Attorney's Office announced Thursday.

Bath police officers with assistance from state police arrested 25 people on April 27, charging them with obstructing a public way.

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Police reported to the DA's office that eight of the 25 were arrested when refusing to move out of the way of a bus trying to back up, and the other 17 were arrested while blocking King Street to traffic.

The DA's office said after reviewing reports, video and photos, it decided prosecuting the 25 "would necessitate a significant designation of resources and time on the part of office staff and the Court, and give more undue publicity to those 25 individuals."

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It did commend law enforcement officers for their professionalism and courtesy, and said they had probable cause to arrest and press charges.

"Despite believing we could untimely prove these cases beyond a reasonable doubt, we believe we are more effectively focusing our resources towards the prosecution of more serious criminal matters, consistent with our obligation to seek justice and the protection of public safety," the office said.