BATH, Maine — Two dogs in Bath were exposed to a rabid skunk Monday, police said, reporting test results completed Tuesday.

A police officer, with help from the city's animal control officer, captured the skunk in the area of York Street and took it to Augusta for testing.

The lab reported Tuesday the skunk had tested positive for rabies.

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Police said the dogs were up to date on their rabies vaccinations, and would be given booster vaccinations with a 45-day observation period at home.

Three other potential cases involving the deadly virus over the weekend resulted in all suspected animals testing negative, police said.

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This is Bath's seventh positive rabies case this year, according to police. Two positive cases were recorded last year, and none in 2017.

Pet owners are encouraged to vaccinate their pets and report suspicious sightings of possible rabies cases.

More information about statewide rabies testing results can be found here.

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