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Troop greeters start campaign for museum in airport

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Maine Troop Greeters at the Bangor International Airport took this Flag Day as the perfect opportunity to unveil their plans for a "Troop Greeters Museum," and to start campaigning.

Several of them were at the airport today for the ceremony, many to see its special guest - Master Sergeant Kevin Tillman.

25 years ago, Tillman gained fame when he passed through BIA with other soldiers... and borrowed a saxophone for a memorable rendition of the star spangled banner.

It brought the whole room to tears and became a moment that gained popularity nationwide.

It's moments like this that the troop greeters want to preserve in their new museum at the airport.

Tillman said, “I wanted to play along with the band because that's part of fitting in or being back.”

Julie Ewing, music director of the John Bapst High School Band that was playing 25 years ago, remembered that day. “You can't even describe what has evolved from that one event. And in today's world, it's a very precious part of America's history, and of Bangor's history.”

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