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Temporary flour-based murals are scattered about in Bangor

The Downtown Bangor Wheatpaste Mural Project is back for another year, installing temporary public art around downtown Bangor.

BANGOR, Maine — Temporary art can, once again, be found adorning buildings in Bangor this year.

The Downtown Bangor Wheatpaste Mural Project has installed seven flour-based murals on walls around the city, with three more on the way.

Local artists had a chance to submit their pieces of art this past spring to be chosen as one of the 10 to be featured. This year, about 50 artists submitted their work to the project.

The temporary art will last about three to four months.

For the organizers and artists, the short-term public art serves as an eye-opener to what public art can provide the city.

“It is sort of like opening people's eyes to the opportunity to take spaces that are otherwise, that are either sort of blighted or just sort of maybe not that interesting and bringing some brightness and vibrancy to them," Managing Director of Bangor Launchpad Joshua Gass said. "So it sort of introduces people to the concept of what public art can do to really brighten up a community, and I think Bangor has done a great job of embracing that.” 

Local artist Sam Bullard has submitted art to the project in the past and was chosen again as one of the 10 this year to be featured. Bullard says sponsorship of artists in the area still has long way to go, but thinks the area is at least moving in the right direction.

“This really incentivizes businesses and other people to encourage art in this area," Bullard said. "I think that there has definitely been a growth in our community in the arts and appreciation of it. I think that we still have a long way to go in terms of how we sponsor art and the types of works that we encourage, but I do think we see a lot of improvement and I definitely do think that the Wheatepaste murals do help with that.”

Launchpad is currently working on an online map to help people interested in the installed public art to aid in finding all 10 temporary beauty marks around downtown Bangor.

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