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Jim Gaffigan pokes fun at Bangor, Maine in new Amazon special

Comedian Jim Gaffigan was in Bangor in February and jokes about how everyone told him to come back in the summer.

MAINE, USA — Mainers love the gorgeous summer months but may be a little too obsessed with them according to funnyman Jim Gaffigan. 

Gaffigan calls out Bangor, Maine in his new Amazon special and surprisingly he even pronounces Bangor right! 

"You ever notice the further north you go the more obsessed people are with summer?" Gaffigan says. 

Gaffigan visited Bangor in February and said all anyone could talk about was summer and how he should come back in the warm summer months. 

"In February I was in Bangor, Maine. And everyone was talking about summer. Everyone I met was like you gotta come back during the summer. You gotta come back. Which is a strange way to greet someone. 'Hi How are ya, come back later.'  And it was everyone...'Just make sure you come back.' I didnt want to come the first time," Gaffigan says to a laughing crowd.  

"But I love how norther cities sell summer like, 'summer here is unbelievable it's perfect.' For 1/12 of the year its ideal. Otherwise its a tundra filled with alcoholism and depression. But for those 13 odd days its worth it," Gaffigan continued. 

While many Mainers love winter too this joke is pretty appropriate for all our snowbirds and all the Mainers who hibernate in the winter waiting for our "13" sunny summer days. 

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