BANGOR, Maine — There was rainbow as far as the eye could see in Bangor on Saturday. The city concluded its pride week with a parade and festival following.

"The amount of people that have come out has been just incredible," said Sarah Haas, parade co-organizer from the Health Equity Alliance.

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As of Saturday afternoon there was no definitive number on how many attendees were at Bangor's pride celebration, however, many in attendance said they believe it was nearly double what they saw in 2018. 

"To see Bangor really rally like this, and get bigger and better every year, it's been awesome," said Ken Tidd. 

At the festival, multiple ally organizations to the LGBTQ community were set up. Many selling rainbow pride gear, and looking for attendees to sign up for their community groups. One group, called Free Mom Hugs of Maine, was offering free hugs to all in attendance.

"We give hugs to those that may not get hugs at home and we're here to support the LGBT community where moms and dads might not stand in with them," said member Heather Turner. 

Bangor Pride has been running all week long with events.

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The events conclude Saturday evening with dances for youth, and people ages 21-plus.