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Bangor man cashes $1 million Maine Lottery ticket

In total, more than $16 million was given out to winners in the Maine Lottery in February.
Credit: Photo courtesy Maine State Lottery

BANGOR, Maine — Alston Wildes is one lucky Mainer. He has won the lottery not once, but twice

Wildes, who retired after 40 years in production from the Bangor Daily News in 2007, won $100,000 that same year; and last month he hit the jackpot.

In February, Wildes passed the Cigaret Shopper story in Bangor, despite not being a smoker, and stopped on a whim to buy a lottery ticket. He played the $50 million Cash Blowout game—and his payback was seven-figures.

According to a press release, Wildes will be getting an after-withholding check of more than $700,000. Wildes said, “I feel great and secure.”

In February, the Maine Lottery had nearly $2 million worth of big winners, and a total winner take of slightly more than $16 million.

Credit: Maine State Lottery via Facebook

The winners of $10,000 or more are:

$1,000,000 Winner

  • Alston Wildes of Bangor

$250,000 Winner

  • Allison Knight of Franklin

$100,000 Winners

  • Bruce Davis of Ellsworth
  • Jerid Hall of Brunswick
  • Wanda Brunelle of Sydney

$50,000 to $99,999 Winners

  • Jennifer Gary of Auburn
  • Delores Hiller of Thomaston
  • Wayne Leveille, Jr. of West Enfield

$25,000 to $49,999 Winners

  • Wayne Palmer of Arundel
  • Lionel Corey of Springvale
  • Marjorie Longwood of Surry
  • Lisa Somes of Hancock
  • Ralph Allen of Alexander

$10,000 to $24,999 Winners

  • Eric Trefrey of Livermore Falls
  • Michael Trask of Winterport
  • Wayne Prindall, Jr. of Sebago
  • Philip Shaw, Jr. of Hollis Center
  • Sara Jandreau of Carmel
  • David Parsons of Presque Isle
  • Antonio Alford-El of Worcester, Mass.

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