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Bangor celebrates return of Halloween festivities

The 'tree streets' in Bangor had many houses with impressive Halloween decorations, passing out candy to thousands of trick-or-treaters!

BANGOR, Maine — Kids enjoyed a spooky Halloween in Bangor on Sunday. The famous 'tree streets' in the city of Bangor had many participating houses which welcomed thousands of kids throughout the night. 

Many house owners go all out with their decorations or candy options for trick-or-treating! Many neighbors ran out of candy bags in just a few hours, while others were able to give out candy until 8 p.m.

A pirate-themed Halloween display was seen on Cottage Street in Bangor. The owner has worked on decorating it for the past two months. The theme is all about pirates!

The owner Joseph Young has been gathering pirate-related decorations for a few years now and has been working on improving the display to make it even bigger and better each year. His display includes fog machines and lots of spooky details.

Young says if this display inspires creativity in just one kid, his hard work, is complete!

“You know it’s just something about the air of the night, the excitement on the kids' faces when they walk in, they see it, 'wow,' and their minds are just blown! And it's kind of a nice thing to be able to see that and do that for somebody," said Young.

Another activity in town was held at the Bangor Police Department on Sunday afternoon. Kids were invited to carve pumpkins and eat candy!

Officer Elizabeth Ashe says it's important for kids and parents to go out on Halloween with some sort of reflective lights to make sure you are noticed in dark spaces.

“So we are giving out our reflective snap bracelets, and those are important because a major safety concern when you are trick or treating is being seen, and we always advise having reflective tape or something reflective on your darker costume, so these reflective snaps help you be seen as you are trick or treating," said Officer Ashe.

Credit: NCM

For those family members who have COVID-19 concerns, many houses had very creative ways to give candy to children, and others opted to mask.

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