Two Maine politicians held a benefit dinner in Jay Saturday evening to help people in towns where mill workers were laid off.

Joe Baldacci, a Bangor city councilman, and John Baldacci, the former governor of Maine, made a spaghetti dinner and served it to people at the Knights of Columbus hall.

Revenue from ticket sales to the dinner went to the Good Neighbor Fuel Fund, which helps heat homes of people who cannot afford to do it on their own.

This past fall, the Verso paper mill in Jay laid off 300 people. The company filed for bankruptcy this January.

"As soon as we came in the door with food and sauce and spaghetti and more food, they were just very grateful," said Joe Baldacci.

"It's hard when you go from an income like that to nothing at all," said Brian Turcotte, who used to work at a similar mill. "I think it's great that the community comes together especially for a need like this."

The Baldacci brothers hold these events all over Maine.

"I think it's so important in order to be a citizen of this state that you give back to the state -- that you do things to help others," said John Baldacci. "It's not just being here but it's helping others, especially those that are in need, and that's what Mainers do."

The Good Neighbor Fuel Fund said they raised more than $1600 through the dinner, which is enough to heat about 16 homes.