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Your Garden: Fall flowers

Ashley Dyer of Farmhouse Floral at Estabrook’s in Yarmouth joins Cindy Williams for Your Garden

YARMOUTH, Maine — Early Fall makes for spectacular flower arrangements. Sunflowers and hydrangeas are blooming, and combined with other flowers, can make spectacular arrangements. 

Ashley Dyer of Farmhouse Floral at Estabrook’s in Yarmouth says don’t be afraid to include some unusual plants when you are out clipping in your backyard. Ornamental grasses are pluming and make for great additions. 

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Ashley, who is the Wedding Coordinator with Farmhouse Floral, was working on an arrangement for a chef when we caught up with her at Estabrook’s. She had collected her primary flowers and then was headed to the vegetable gardens to grab some carrots, radishes, and onions. She says vegetables can be great in arrangements so don’t be afraid to experiment.