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UMaine Women's Ice Hockey team passes on life lessons to preschoolers

Preschoolers at All Saints Christian School in Bangor were taught life lessons Wednesday morning by the UMaine Women’s Ice Hockey team.

BANGOR, Maine — Preschool students at All Saints Christian School in Bangor were taught life lessons Wednesday morning, and their teachers were members of the University of Maine women’s Ice Hockey team.

Two players and their assistant coach brought their gear and equipment to show preschoolers what ice-hockey is all about.

The students were able to ask questions and they even got the opportunity to try and score a goal from one of the goalies, Carly Jackson.

However, the meeting wasn't all about ice or scoring for these students, but also opening the eyes of even the youngest of school children.

“I think sports are really important for kids to get involved in," Jackson said. "So hopefully by us coming here we were able to introduce them to that and maybe ignite a little bit of passion for them."

The players started by encouraging students to put coffee beans in a jar -- a bean for one good thing the students did for others. The UMaine women's hockey players team do the very same thing, and each coffee bean represents an action that supports the team.

In addition to the beans, the two players displayed their gear bags and equipment to show students everything they have to carry while traveling.

“They really find love in a lot of different things, so it's just brings a lot of perspective to us as athletes when we get to work with them," Jackson said.

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“I want children to see that there are so many positions and professions that are doing so much for us every day... even a coach is so vital for helping us in terms of being good people, good morals," Jessica Ward, a preschool teacher said.

“You never know what the next inspiration in our classroom might be." Ward said.

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All Saints Christian School welcomes guest speakers from the community during the fall.

Mail carriers, trash collectors, people from the Maine DEP, and chefs are some of the past visitors that the students have learned from.

Guests give a presentation about their job and what they do every single day to make our community a better place.

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