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She posted an offer to listen, and the requests came almost instantly

As Victoria Pelletier found out, many people feel they need to talk to someone about the anger, anxiety, and sadness they are feeling.

PORTLAND, Maine — People are feeling a lot of different emotions right now and not all are comfortable sharing them publicly. Recognizing just that, a Portland woman is lending an ear and her time to help strangers feel the support they may need right now.

"I've been dealing with this issue in large and small scales my whole life," said Victoria Pelletier about race and racism.

Pelletier grew up in Maine. She was adopted when she was young and says she has always had a strong support system.

"Definitely my family, we're very close, I have a great group of friends," she said. "But I do also realized not a lot of people have that."

Even though Pelletier said she has a strong support group of friends and family she felt the need to help others that might not have that support. She wanted to connect with her community, but how do you do that during a pandemic? 

She turned to the NextDoor app, a private social media network for neighborhoods.

"Just kind of put the post out not thinking it would get much traction," she said.

Her post titled, "Support Needed?" reads in part, "If you're feeling isolated with nobody to lean on, I am here."

"I mean I'm pretty outspoken so if I'm having a hard time I feel like I can reach out but there are a lot of people who feel like they can't," she said.

Pelletier started getting messages, almost instantly. 

"So I've been e-mailing with a couple of people and just trying to figure out a time we can talk and stay in touch and make sure they're getting what they need."

Others posted comments of support. Another user offered to use another app, Venmo, to pay it forward literally writing, "I'll send you some cash to grab coffee for you and whomever needs your support."

Bringing a neighborhood together for important one on one conversations, one digital platform at a time.

"I just wanted to put myself out there and say, 'if you need someone to talk to, someone to e-mail with or you want to Zoom or do a socially distanced coffee meet up, I'm here for that,'" said Pelletier. 

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