OLD TOWN, Maine — Duskta Sturrup was on the summer trip of a lifetime, adventuring in the Greek islands, when a single moment turned paradise into a serious problem.

Sturrup was riding an ATV on the island of Mykonos, about 100 miles from Athens, when she crashed into a rock wall, breaking her ribs, pelvis, and tail bone.

"I just remember thinking the pain was so intense. I didn’t really know if I was even going to make it," Sturrup recalled. 

Sturrup wasn't happy with the care she was getting at the Greece hospitals she was put in -- ultimately, Sturrup wanted to recover with her family in Old Town and have her sister, Kyla Harrison's, care.

That's why Sturrup made the $88,000 decision to pay for an air ambulance to bring her from Greece back to the United States.

Sturrup's harrowing experience brings up questions about travel insurance and how important this extra cost could actually be.

Travel consultant Denise Hardy says it something she would never leave out -- and advises other travelers not to do so, either.

"I have not had anybody that has taken the insurance and regretted taking it, paying that extra premium," said Hardy. "They’re really glad that they did because something did happen, and they needed to use it."

Sturrup says that when she was booking her dream vacation, travel insurance wasn't something she instinctively thought to buy. 

"When I told people about the trip, it wasn’t like anybody said, 'Oh did you get travel insurance?'" Sturrup said. "Never considered it until after the fact."

Sturrup's family is fundraising to help cover the $88,000 it cost to get her home. They say that travel insurance is something they will never go without now on trips.

"To ease any burden on loved ones back home that are doing the work to get me home, I don’t think there will ever be a time where I’ll travel again without looking into it," said Harrison.

Sturrup has months of rehab ahead of her, but she says she is happy to be back in Maine with her family for the journey.