PORTLAND, Maine — The man accused of murdering his sister's boyfriend earlier this year was convicted Friday morning.

Mark Cardilli Jr. has been found guilty of manslaughter for the death of Isahak Muse.

Mark Cardilli Jr., 25, shot and killed Isahak Muse, 22, in March 2019. 

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Cardilli admitted to doing so -- but said he did it in self-defense because Muse was throwing punches at him. The incident happened in Cardilli's home. He also called Muse an intruder. 

The prosecution argued that Muse was not an intruder in the home and was unarmed at the time of the shooting. An autopsy also indicated that Muse was shot in the back.

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Earlier this month, Cardilli waived his right to a jury. His trial took about five days, and Superior Court Justice Nancy Mills heard from about two dozen witnesses. She is expected to deliver the verdict, regarding whether Cardilli is guilty of murder, manslaughter, or nothing at all, at the Cumberland County Courthouse on Friday, Dec. 27.

This case brought up discussion about the limits of self-defense and race.

Muse was dating Cardilli's sister. She testified in court, saying her brother had made racist remarks in the past about Somali and Muslim people. Muse was a black, Muslim man.

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The defense argued that the case is not about race or religion -- rather, it's about the law, and that Maine upholds the right to self-defense in certain instances.

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