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Green is the new orange for Maine plows

New flashing green lights may catch your eye on Maine roads and highways

GRAY, Maine — The Maine Turnpike Authority and the Department of Transportation have installed green warning lights to help drivers see plow trucks during storms or poor visibility. A state law to improve highway maintenance safety passed in the Spring allowing the change.

The MTA plans on equipping 17 snowfighters with green flashing lights and retrofitting others in the future. MaineDOT has two trucks right now with the lights and will add more to plows on I-295. Brian Burne, the Highway Maintenance Engineer at the MaineDOT, says they plan on modifying 40 trucks in all.

“Other states have done some testing with this and they’ve found green shows up better than amber does under certain conditions," said Burne. “When [amber] lights get overused they lose their effect of getting people to slow down and be cautious about what's going in that area.”

"Our goal with using green lights is to help drivers see and notice the maintenance vehicles, even during whiteout or low visibility conditions," said Erin Courtney, Maine Turnpike Authority public outreach manager. "Better visibility means safer roads for both snowplow operators and motorists."

Expect the updated trucks on the roads this winter.

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