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'Donate blood please': One boy's message to help kids like him

Jackson Corbeau is nearly halfway through his treatment plan for a rare form of blood cancer.

BUXTON, Maine — You may remember one year ago we shared the story of Jackson Corbeau, a young boy diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his blood.

We shared his story to show the importance of donating blood, ahead of our NEWS CENTER Maine blood drive.

A lot can happen in a year.

At three-years-old, Jackson is now nearly halfway through his treatment plan. He still has to go to the hospital and clinics often.

"He's so resilient, even on the days where we go to the clinic or the hospital he has to go in and get lumbar punctures he gets put to sleep for those. He wakes up and by the time he gets home he's ready to play and be a normal three-year-old," said his mom, Beth Corbeau.

From all the clinic and hospital visits, there's one thing Jackson's mom and dad know for sure.

"We have the best of the worst situation."

Seeing other families going through difficult times, they wanted to help. They started a non-profit, Waddles for a Cause.

"Since December of 2019 we've helped ten families with almost $10,000 in needs," said Corbeau. "It really helps me get through the challenging parts of Jackson's diagnosis. It helps give me something positive to focus on."

When asked what his message is for everyone Jackson exclaimed, "donate blood please!"

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Our annual NEWS CENTER Maine blood drive is happening March 25. Text the word HERO to 207-828-6622 to make your appointment today!

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