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CMP's parent company setting up separate company for corridor project

The new company, NECEC Transmission, LLC will still answer to CMP's parent company Avangrid, but CMP executives won't be involved in guiding the project.

PORTLAND, Maine — Central Maine Power (CMP) made another big announcement Thursday morning, this time about the controversial CMP transmission line project. 

CMP's parent company Avangrid says it is forming a new company for future planning and handling of the NECEC corridor project. 

Essentially, it's the same players, just a different name: NECEC Transmission, LLC.

The company says the "transfer of NECEC is required by the Maine Public Utilities Commission's order approving a Certificate of Public and Necessity for the project," according to the press release.

Avangrid has appointed Tony Marone as chair and Thorn Dickinson as CEO and President of the company, which will own and develop NECEC after receiving regulatory approvals, according to Avangrid.

This announcement comes less than 24 hours after CMP announced it would be bringing on its former CEO David Flannagan to help reinstate trust with the public.

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When asked why they are forming the board now, Dickinson says it's about looking forward.

"I think that David Flannagan coming on board as Executive chairman is incredibly exciting, I think he is going to be able to work with his team in order to make sure CMP focuses on the challenges they have and re-building the trust here in Maine where I can focus on the NECEC project," Dickinson said. "In the end, both of us are then focused on the things that are most important priorities for us."

While the announcement came with applause from some, there are others who say this is one more smokescreen surrounding the project despite the possibility of a referendum vote in November.

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NEWS CENTER Maine received the following statement from Sandra Howard, the director of 'Say NO to NECEC.'

"CMP is setting up a shell corporation to try to trick Mainers into supporting this corridor. It's part and parcel with their continued falsehoods about this project, and it's in perfect keeping with their record of dishonest dealings with the people of Maine.  

Mainers are sick and tired of the continued deluge of lies, and they won't be fooled by more dishonesty like this. Mainers know the CMP corridor is a bad deal for Maine that will do damage that can't be repaired, all just to bring power to Massachusetts.“

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