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Bullets found in Mt. Ararat High School, investigators search for answers

School officials posted the alert on the district's website Thursday night, saying investigators are working to determine where the bullets came from.

TOPSHAM, Maine — Authorities in Topsham are trying to figure out where bullets found in Mt. Ararat High School came from, according to school officials.

Parents in the district received an automated message Thursday night prompting them to read the alert on the district's website from the high school's principal, Donna Brunette.

"Administration has been working with School Resource Officer, Randy Cook, with the goal of figuring out where the bullets came from but at this point we do not know who brought the bullets into our school," the release said. "The unresolved concern makes us all feel unsettled -- I wish I had answers for you all."

It's not clear where the bullets were found within the school or the exact type of gun they believe was used. However, Principal Brunette's message to parents says the "bullets found were a small caliber" and "not the type used with an assault weapon".

School officials informed parents that due to the nature of the incident, investigators would very likely be conducting interviews and searches with students in the process. According to the principal's alert, investigators are using a number of different resources to pinpoint exactly when the bullets were left in the school and by who. Those resources include attendance and hall pass records and security camera footage. 

"These resources and reports made by individuals help us find answers and, though this investigation has been thorough, we have not been able to determine who had the bullets at school." the message read.

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Administrators say the unresolved situation paired with rumors and conversations focused on “what ifs” are causing people to question their safety at the school. They say its added fear and anxiety to events that should be fun for students and the community, like the Homecoming Dance or the school's annual Field Day. To help put some of those fears to rest, the school has asked for an additional officer be present at school on Field Day and during the Homecoming Dance. 

"Parents, if you would like to join us for either of these events I would welcome your presence," the alert reads. "I would ask that you check in at the main office so administration can confirm your plans for the day and assign you to a location in the building to provide additional adult presence."

School officials are encouraging any parent or student with further questions or concerns about the incident -- or any incident in general -- to contact administration or the school resource officer. 

From: Donna F. Brunette, Principal RE: Safety Concerns Date: October 3, 2019 Through various conversations and reports made by students, parents, and staff it is clear there are a lot people in our community feeling uneasy after hearing the report that ammunition (bullets) were found at Mt. Ararat High School.

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