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Meth found on Madawaska store shelf near toys

'Meth users are usually not known for making the best life decisions, but [this] is unacceptable,' police said.

MADAWASKA, Maine — A bag of methamphetamine was found over the weekend in Madawaska, police said Monday, inside a store near the toy section.

Police said they responded to one the town's local stores after an employee reported coming across an "extremely concerning incident" — the discovery of a small plastic bag near where kids would normally shop.

A photo subsequently shared by the department showed the suspected drug bag to be yellow, covered with black "smiley" faces.

The bagged material was tested, and police said the results came back positive for methamphetamine hydrochloride, a substance produced in both pharmaceutical and illicit forms, namely Desoxyn tablets and crystal meth.

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"Meth users are usually not known for making the best life decisions, but to show a complete selfish and calloused behavior toward the safety of our children is unacceptable," Madawaska police said in a Facebook post Monday.

One person who commented, Tammy, wrote, "Its being used and sold all over our town and yet no one speaks!! No one will speak until something tragic happens or until it hits home, so sad!"

"Time for everyone to step up and help fight this," said another, Kevin, who shared the department's post.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Madawaska Police Department at 207-728-6356.

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