PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) - A man from Portland has been ordered held behind bars without bail after waiving his initial appearance on a charge of murder.

Police arrested Anthony Leng over the weekend and charged him in connection with the shooting death of his domestic partner Sokha Khuon. An autopsy revealed she died from several gunshot wounds.

Leng’s attorney pushed back the initial appearance because he wants more time to discuss the case with his client. Attorney Peter Cyr says he has many questions, including why police questioned and released Leng right after the shooting, only to arrest him 6 days later.

The Portland Police Crime Unit was once again back at the home Anthony Leng shared with the mother of his children Sohka Khuon. That home remains roped off with crime tape more than a week after Khuon was found shot to death inside. Outside a small memorial to Khuon, including candles and a photo, has been set up in a snowbank.

A few miles away in court, Leng’s attorney said his client will likely make his initial appearance on a murder charge next week, at which time a bail hearing could be held as well.

Investigators are calling Sokha Khuon’s death a case of Domestic Violence. Advocates for victims says it’s devastating and heartbreaking to hear about yet another case in Maine.

“Our hearts go out to the family and the friends, the neighbors, the whole community is affected by a crime like this. So our hearts go out to them and as advocates we feel our own sadness and grief”, said Rebecca Hobbs, Executive Director of Family Crisis Services.

Neighbors who knew the couple well said they appeared happy, always hosting family gatherings. They say Anthony Leng seemed nice, always willing to help. But they also say you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. Rebecca Hobbs of Family Crisis Services that’s one of the hardest things in detecting domestic violence.

“That’s the most important take away from this, that we are frequently reminding people that no matter what you think when you meet a person, it’s impossible to know how they are when they’re in their relationship. Whether it’s their marriage or their partnership, how they are at home”, she said.

Hobbs says when cases like this hit the news two things can happen. Abusers can use it to threaten their victims, or victims can become emboldened and use it to get out of abusive relationships. She urges victims to call their 24-hour hotline at 1-800-537-6066.