PENOBSCOT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Peace Ridge Sanctuary needs to raise $300,000 to prepare their new property and move their rescues to Brooks.

Peace Ridge was created by Daniella Tessier and runs entirely on donations. Tessier has been saving non-traditional rescues since 2001. "We are filling a huge gap in the state of Maine and New England in general" Tessier said. "Coming to the rescue for animals who won’t necessarily be rescued otherwise".

The sanctuary currently has 250 animals that they are housing but they are running out of room. Thanks to donations, Tessier was able to purchase a new home for the animals, but they need help getting there. The cost to make sure the property is fit for the animals and for transportation comes to roughly $300,000.

"Getting to the new property by the end of summer is a goal that we absolutely have to meet" Tessier said.

If you would like to make a donation to Peace Ridge or get more information about the organization, click here. For their full website, click here.