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SCAM ALERT: The Amazon 'brushing' scam hits Maine

What is the 'brushing' scam? It may seem like a neat deal to get a bunch of free stuff, but victims of the scam are saying it's getting old, fast.

MAINE, Maine — What would you think if dozens of Amazon packages you didn't order showed up on your doorstep addressed to you? 

You might think you've hit the jackpot! But, you'd be wrong. According to the Better Business Bureau, a scam company is the real winner.

The scam is called Amazon "brushing" intended to falsely inflate online reviews.

How do you they scam you?

To improve the ratings of their products, a company that sells on Amazon begins by sending an unsuspecting customer packages containing the items they'd like to improve ratings on. 

That way, the company can register the product as a "verified purchase." They can then go ahead and leave a false review of the product, to make it seem better than it is.

The Better Business Bureau says these companies are often overseas.

It's becoming a nightmare for victims receiving endless boxes of useless stuff.

Plus, with all these fake reviews floating around, how can you trust if what you're buying is actually a good product?

Amazon says they're aware of the problem and they're working to "ban all vendors and reviewers who abuse the system."

But frustrated recipients have said the site isn't able to actually put a stop to the deliveries, and they're starting to feel boxed in. 

Here's what you can do if this is happening to you.

1. Change your Amazon password and security information.

The Better Business Bureau warns, "the fact that someone was able to have the items sent to you as if you purchased them indicates that they probably have some of your Amazon account information."

Maybe even consider cancelling your account, and starting a new one, if that isn't too much of a headache for you.

2. Notify Amazon. 

While many haven't had much luck with this, it's best to make sure the company is aware of how many cases this is happening.

According to Amazon and the Better Business Bureau, if you were sent unordered items, you are not responsible to purchase them.

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