PORTLAND, Maine — Portland Police Department members had a special opportunity Wednesday to help out an Alabama man doing good deeds around the country.

On  August 21, the department posted a picture on its Facebook page of three of its personnel standing with Rodney Smith Jr., a man who has gained national attention for his work mowing lawns for free.

The lawns he tends to, though, aren't just any lawns -- Smith focuses on helping the elderly, veterans, people with disabilities, and single parents. He invites local police officers to join him, as a way to bring law enforcement and the community closer together. 

In their post, the department said Smith was in Portland to help out a local resident -- so Lieutenant Doherty and Cadets Breton and Savage decided to join him.

"It is people like Rodney who should motivate us all to be better and want to help others when they’re down," the department wrote in their post. "'Mowing With Cops' is an incredible initiative, and we appreciate all Rodney does."

The department also pointed out Smith's special lawnmower design. It has an emergency light and a paint job that looks like a police car. 

"This is as close as we will let the cadets get to driving a police car," the department joked.

The Associated Press reports Smith has traveled to all 50 states to cut lawns -- and now he's on his second cross-country mission, which started August 14, to do the same thing.

On his website, Smith says he aims to mow one to two lawns in each state. 

"This tour will be exciting, and I can’t wait to meet all the officers and thank them for protecting and serving our communities," Smith wrote. "I also look forward to meeting many of you as well!"

Good luck to Smith in the rest of his mission -- and thanks for stopping by Portland!