PENOBSCOT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Most traditional Thanksgiving meals are centered around the turkey, but there's a group trying to get people to choose a meatless dish.

Peace Ridge Sanctuary rescues turkeys that would have otherwise ended up on someone's Thanksgiving table. They hope to spread a message about choosing a vegan lifestyle.

Peace Ridge Sanctuary Founder and Director, Daniela Tessier said it's heartbreaking that on Thanksgiving Day people's thoughts are only centered around the meal.

"It's really hard not to think about the fact that 46 million of these birds that we love so much are slaughtered for this one holiday. I mean, 46 million million for just one holiday. That's a lot of turkeys," said Tessier.

Tessier has been vegan for 20 years and she hopes to help redefine the season of being thankful by raising awareness about factory farms treatment of turkeys.

"Just think - when you go to the store it's very easy to remove yourself from the process that the animal that you are buying had to go through. You're picking up a little plastic wrapped bird, you're bringing it home and you're completely removed from the animals life," said Tessier.

Peace Ridge Sanctuary turkeys will be a part of a "Gentle Thanksgiving Celebration," where Tessier invites people to spend time with the birds and give them treats.