KENNEBUNK (NEWS CENTER Maine) – More than a month after her trial, acquitting her of 14 counts of sexual assault was complete, former Kennebunk High School teacher, Jill Lamontagne is back at work but not in a classroom.

Instead, she is waitressing at a restaurant near her home.

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“I’m overwhelmingly supported there,” Lamontange said.

Some of her former co-workers stop in regularly, continuing to be there for Lamontagne, just as they were during her trial.

Lamontagne resigned after news of accusations emerged, saying that she had had a romantic and sexual relationship with a student.

The story of her acquittal has spared overseas.

German television broadcaster, ProSieben, is airing a story on Lamontane in the coming weeks.

The former teacher described it as, “a kind of 60 Minutes” program.

The publicity will is something Lamontange is welcoming, though she says she’s not quite ready emotionally to return to a classroom.

Her immediate future plans include writing a book on the experience of her acquittal.

Asked what she will be doing in a year’s time, “I don’t know where you’ll see me, I’m sure I’ll be helping others.”