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Accused Winthrop teen claims sexual and physical abuse led to parents' Halloween slayings

In a centralmaine.com exclusive interview, Balcer makes new abuse allegations after parents' Halloween killings in Winthrop The 19-year-old, who now identifies as a woman, alleges that years of sexual and mental abuse culminated in the 2016 murders, which she regrets.

AUGUSTA (PORTLAND PRESS HERALD) — Andrew Balcer would take back the bloodshed during the darkness of early Halloween morning two years ago.

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The moment he snapped, plunging a hunting knife into his mother’s back as she comforted him in his bedroom. The stabbing of his father after that, and slaying of the family Chihuahua, leaving only his brother to survive the horror inside the family’s Winthrop home.

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“In a heartbeat,” Balcer would “take it all back.”