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A troubadour storyteller...

Max Garcia Conover new album release...

There are a number of storytellers in the pantheon of rock & roll swagger. There is one that stands sentry above them. Leonard Cohen delivers a story with music and restraint and brings you into the hotel room that he shared with Janice or Mary Anne. He leaves very little to the guessing, he's not telling you the story, he's showing you his experience, how felt, how it smelled, how the water & the oranges tasted.

Max Garcia Conover has a particular connection to Leonard Cohen. And not solely because his voice reminds you of the early Lenny Cohen recordings you listened to in high school. He can tell the story, he brings you into the experience and makes you feel you are there.

But don't take my word for it...

Max Garcia Conover is releasing a new album on June 29 at One Longfellow Square in Portland.

Stagger is his new album. And he will be there to entertain you with his golden voice.

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