LEVANT, Maine (NEWS CENTER)—Treworgy Family Orchards operates the longest continuous corn maze in the state of Maine and this year’s display did not disappoint.

“It takes a lot of work to have it come out just right,” said agricultural manager, Matthew Pellerin.

Blue prints of this year’s display were drawn last winter. The corn was then planted in May and grew for about a month before Pellerin and his team created the pathways.

“And when the corn comes up about this big, we spray paint lines on the ground where the paths are supposed to go and then we remove the corn from the places where it’s not supposed to be,” said Pellerin.

Treworgy Family Orchards is known for its elaborate corn mazes and although they’ve been doing this for 16 years, it hasn’t gotten any easier.

“Every year we try to be a little bit better so that makes it a little bit harder every year,” said Pellerin.

He said all of the hard work is worth the reward.

“It’s very satisfying. It’s really wonderful to see families come out and enjoy themselves. It’s a great bonding experience for them,” said Pellerin.

On October 22nd, the corn maze will really shine at the Family Friendly Night Maze event.
The entire display will be decorated with lights while employees hand out free candy.

The corn maze is expected to close at the end of October.