"Mookie With the Long Neck"

I wasn’t kidding the other night. For me, this is better than the Louvre. It’s fair to say I understand baseball better than fine art.

This has been a great series. A couple of Dodger victories could make it a seven game classic, but I don’t know if I can take it. A win tonight would be fine.

The Dodgers are different than the Red Sox. They are more showy, more L. A.

I hate some stuff they have done. Machado steps on Pearce’s foot. What is that all about?

The dropping of a bat and heading for first on strike three. Sometimes it can happen, but here they’re just trying to show an umpire up.

My favorite bush league play of all time was Jesus Aguilar who was playing first for the Dodgers. They tried to pick Ian Kinsler off first in the ninth and they almost had him. Aguilar arrogantly signaled to the bench to ask for a replay as he threw the ball “around the horn” as if he was certain that the “out” call would be made.

The problem with that is that he was throwing a "live ball" with a runner on base. It was my dream that the second baseman would throw it past the third baseman and the ball would go in the dugout, giving Kinsler a free pass to third. Alas, the righteous are not always rewarded.

In Game 4, the Red Sox were down and seemingly out. They had only one hit when two guys walked in the seventh. Suddenly, Mitch Moreland stepped to the plate and drove the ball about fifteen rows into the right field stands for a three-run homer.

Yasiel Puig was playing right field. He didn’t move an inch. I thought, “What a jerk. The ball is hit right at him and he’s going to simply catch it like he’s cool.”

But the ball carried. As it went over his head, he held his hands up like he was signaling a good field goal. He turned and watch the ball go into the stands and dropped to a scooch position where he remained for thirty seconds.

It was the body language of a loser which I found odd because his team was ahead 4-3. That’s how to show up a teammate.

The Dodgers certainly flattened out after that.

In short, I don’t really like the Dodgers. They’re L. A. I'm Maine.

Boston plays the game like we used to down at the park. Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald pointed out something I didn’t even notice. He told me that Alex Cora switched his left fielder and right fielder. He told me the only other time he’s ever seen this was at UMaine when John Winkin did it.

Cora makes a lot of moves and they most often pan out…except in Game 3. He ran out of people and had to throw his Game 4 starter as a reliever. He looked darn dumb when they lost.

However, I learned something. Should I ever use almost everybody I’ve got, I’m not going to throw a great pitcher as a reliever. Why let it go that long? Throw your worst and save some ammo for the next day.

Of course, because it was Alex Cora, they still won Game 4 with an amazing comeback.

That comeback may prevent this from becoming one of the great World Series ever.

That’s okay.

I’d be happy with a win in five games.

I remember walking through the Uffizi, a great museum in Florence, Italy. There were great oil paintings. “Madonna 1540,” Madonna 1541,” and “Madonna with the Long Neck.”

Google that one sometime.

It’s great to visit the Uffizi. It’s great to visit the Louvre

I’d much rather be at Dodger Stadium for a World Series.

Let’s gooooooooooooooooo!