BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Running has become a way of life for 71-year-old Dave Samuelian, so much that even freezing temperatures won't stand between him and his favorite sport.

"When I wake up in the morning it's not a matter of will I run, but how far I will run." Samuelian said.

He has been running for the past 32 years and has participated in 825 races. "Back then the best part about running was stopping, and that has changed over the years," Samuelian said. "When I did my first race I thought it would be my one and only -- and a year later I did another race, the next year another race, and then I started doing four or five races."

For the last 11 years the Bangor resident has participated in the city's annual 'Epic Finale'. It's a 5K that takes place on New Years Eve and is put on by Epic Sports. Despite how cold it has gotten recently, Samuelian is still out every day training for the big event.

"Many of the same people show up and it's a social event as much as a road race," Samuelian said. "It's a nice way to end out the year and kind of start the New Year."

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