GREENVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER MAINE) -- There's cold...and then there's Greenville Maine -- the town has started some mornings off with temperatures as low as -39 degrees, but it's not stopping people from enjoying the Maine outdoors.

Jessica and Michael Cornell are visiting the state for the first time this week, the couple is from Maryland has never experienced anything quite like a Maine winter. "There's nothing like having your eye lashes with like half inch icicles like we did yesterday," Jessica Cornell said.

The two have been taking advantage of everything Northwoods Outfitters Inc. offers. The local sports shop outfits people for things like ice fishing and snowmobiling during the winter months. They spent Monday on snowmobiles and Tuesday out on Moosehead Lake. "I didn't even know how to wrap my head around negative temperatures like that," Cornell said. "It's 21 degrees in our hometown right now, so that's going to feel warm, like we'll be in t-shirts when we get back."

Residents of the town are doing what they can to keep warm, and making sure to check on neighbors. During these cold winter months, the town's police station does it's due diligence to check in with elderly residents to make sure they are warm and safe. Beth Young makes a large majority of those calls daily, especially with the recent cold spell.

"It's always good to check in on them, make sure that they are doing ok, they have a lower tolerance they we do for the cold," Young said. "Everybody likes to look out for everyone in this community, we are really close knit."