I have always been fascinated to meet authors that I read. Of course, there are many that cannot happen with, which, perhaps is why it is so intriguing to meet contemporaries working in words. Language is currency, a tool to engage another, enable us to satisfy our needs adn express the complexity of what we are thinking. Some of us take this for granted, using language as pragmatic means to an end. Others revel in the ability to bend words to form characters and places, adventures and experiences that happen to the characters created by the stringing of words and characters together to form fully realized people. It is a daunting task.

Brock Clarke has a new collection of short stories, called The Price of The Haircut. He sat with us and talked about the little influence he has on the cover design, but also emphasized that isn't his currency. He works the words inside the cover that create the characters that will soon become your friends, your enemies or just your neighbors that sit on your bookshelf.

Brock will be reading from his new book at Print: A Bookstore on March 20th at 7pm. in Portland.