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Working in the garden? Try these stretches

If you find yourself out in the garden or spring cleaning, try incorporating these stretches into your routine to avoid aches and pains.

MAINE, USA — With the warm weather making a comeback, you might find yourself dabbling in a bit of spring cleaning or spending a little time in the garden.

Like anything you haven't done in awhile, these tasks may come with aches and pains that can be avoided.

Dr. Allyson Coffin is a local chiropractor and wellness expert. She has some tips to help protect our bodies while we’re active around or outside the house this summer.

"There are a bunch of muscles that we don't [typically] use when we garden, and a lot of them come through our forearms and wrists, which a lot of people will come in and complaining to the office for," Coffin said.

One stretch can be done on the floor or at a table. Place your palms face down on the ground with your fingers pointed towards you. You should feel a stretch almost immediately. 

In an analogy, Coffin adds that it's important to stay hydrated before you begin stretching.

"If you've ever had a piece of meat before, like a chicken breast, it's like all squishy when you get it at the store," Coffin said. "And if anybody's ever seen beef jerky, it's all dry and brittle. If you move it, it breaks and it's the same thing with our muscles. So if they're hydrated, they're like plump turkey breast."

Check out the full video for more tips.

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