LEBANON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Wine making in Maine has grown immensely in the last 25 years from just a few vineyards to the now 21 who will be a part of Maine Open Winery Day.

One of those wineries is Prospect Hill Winery in Lebanon. Richard and Anita Carle opened the winery in 2009. Eight years later they're farming 13 varieties of grapes despite some skeptics who said growing grapes in Maine's climate would be impossible.

"We started off with the purpose of making grape wine exclusively from our own grapes and now it's been our mission ever since," Carle said.

They've done a good job making that mission a reality at the vineyard, where harvesting the crop in the fall is a family affair. Prospect Hill Winery sells 16 types of wines that include red and white varieties. Both contest judges and visitors of the tasting room agree on the deliciousness.

"We get a lot of positive feedback during wine tastings," Carle said. "There's very few people that go away unhappy."

Maine Open Winery Day is Saturday, September 17th. For a list of participating wineries, click here.