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Wine is wine...even when it's all natural

Let's drink wine, au natural...

Ned Swain is the 'wine geek.' The motto for his business is Devenish wines taste like dirt. There is a reason for this logic. He wants to taste the terroir from which the wines come.

That's not all. He likes the natural wines. But what is a natural wine? Well, it's a real pain to make natural wine. It takes out the additives & sometimes even the machinery that can make agriculture faster. Sometimes the grapes need a little encouragement. Well, not with natural wine. The workers are out there with there backs bent to the earth, digging around the vines. Then the grapes are harvested, they are put through the process to make the juice and it can take some time, squeezing each grape by hand...Not really, but you get the idea. It just takes a lot of time. So, what is the result? It is a bottle slightly more expensive but the flavor should be slightly more pleasing.


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