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Whether they crawl, climb, or slither, Mr. Drew brings his animals our studio

Mr. Drew and His Animals Too is an exotic animal education center located in Lewiston.

PORTLAND, Maine — Andrew Desjardins owns and operates Mr. Drew and His Animals Too, an exotic animal education center in Lewiston. 

He often takes in animals that people either can no longer care for or have been injured and need rehabilitation. Many times that means reptiles people are not permitted to own in Maine.  

On this visit to the 207 studio, Mr. Drew brought a wide range of animals, including Vietnamese Walking Sticks, also known as "stick bugs." 

Similar insects are found in Maine, called Northern Stick Bugs which you may have seen without noticing. They are usually found on the side of trees and blend in with their surroundings.

Mr. Drew also brought a pair of lizards, a Painted Agama from Israel and legal in Maine, as well as a bearded dragon from Australia that you need a permit in order to have in Maine. 

The last animal Mr. Drew shared with us was a Poublan Milk Snake from Mexico. He said we have a similar snake in Maine called the Eastern Milk Snake. While some milk snakes are venomous, Mr. Drew said the ones found in Maine are not. 

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