MAINE, Maine — Every couple of weeks on 207 we try to give you ideas about places to go biking, paddling, and hiking to get outdoors and stay active. Shannon Bryan with gives away some secrets, different places you can go to find the right fun activity for you.

Find a hike
Search by region, distance, and difficulty to find just the right trail. Whether you’re looking for an easy-going walk or a challenging hike, is a helpful resource. In the winter, you can also find places to cross-country ski and snowshoe, too.

Find a paddle

Paddler Kim Bennett, who also co-authored the guidebook Paddling in Southern Maine, tracks her adventures on the lakes, rivers, and coast of Maine. She does a really good job of describing each paddle, how to get there, where to put in, and other unique features, complete with lots of photos. Most of the paddles are beginner-friendly as well.

Find a bike ride

Search rides based on region, distance, and difficulty on the Bicycle Coalition of Maine website. There are descriptions for each route and a map you can review, as well as downloadable GPS data. In addition to road rides, there are also off-road and mountain biking trails listed.

Find a mountain bike ride

The New England Mountain Bike Association website rounds up mountain bike trails around Maine. Use the map to browse by region. There’s also helpful info about each trail, including descriptions and difficulty.

For more information, you can visit

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