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When the heat is on, here are recipes to keep you cool

“Please get my cookbook dirty,” its author asks. “Stain it. Use it. Love it.”

Having worked as a chef and food stylist, Vanessa Seder needs no instruction about how important it is for food to be beautiful and visually pleasing. So it’s no surprise that the pictures in her new cookbook, “Eat Cool—Good Food for Hot Days,” look terrific. But if all readers do is gaze longingly at the photos, she’ll be keenly disappointed.

“Please get my cookbook dirty. It’s all I can ask for,” she says with unmistakable sincerity. “Get it greasy. Stain it. Use it. Love it.”

In the book, you will find more than 100 recipes aimed at keeping you—and just as important, your kitchen—cool and comfortable even when the weather is steamy. How did it all come together? Watch our interview to find out.

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