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What’s the key to doing a convincing moose call? 'Be willing to make a perfect fool of yourself.'

A Maine Guide looks back fondly at a lifetime of hunting.

PORTLAND, Maine — “I grew up in a family of hunter-gatherers,” writes Roger Lambert, “and learned to love the outdoors, fishing, and hunting around a small mill town in the mountains of western Maine."

More than 60 years later, he has lost none of his enthusiasm, much of which has been channeled into his latest project, the book “The Great Maine Moose Hunt: Celebrating 40 Years of Modern Moose Hunting in Maine.”

As a Maine Guide who has led countless sportsmen into the North Woods, Lambert knows the territory—and he knows moose. His calling skills are formidable, and in Skowhegan a few years ago he led 1,054 people in what was certified by Guinness World Records as the world record for the largest moose call.

“I tell people in my seminars you haven’t got to be good [to do a moose call],” he says breezily. “You’ve just got to be willing to make a perfect fool of yourself.”

The book reflects Lambert’s lively personality and passion for hunting. Readers will find plenty of anecdotes from him, but also from other hunters, guides, families, and more.

“This is not a literary work,” he says with a laugh. “I tell people there are a lot of good stories in it—and some of ‘em are true.”

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