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What does a landscape painter do when he wants to be left alone?

Nathaniel Meyer has come up with an elegant solution

Nathaniel Meyer is an artist who works most of the time in a small studio in Portland, but when the weather’s nice and the spirit moves him he heads outside to set up his easel and paint landscapes. Sounds like a wonderful way to make a living, doesn’t it? Plant yourself in a lovely spot in Maine…soak up the fresh air…let your imagination run free. No stress, no boss breathing down your neck, no chatty co-workers to bother you.

Ah, but what about the gawkers? Any artist who paints outdoors will have a fairly steady stream of the curious and the just plain nosy coming by to look at the work in progress. Often they’ll have a question, sometimes a lot of questions. All of a sudden it’s not so easy to get much work done.

Meyer is an exceptionally amiable and friendly guy, but he’s had to deal with this challenge and has come up with a solution that, in its simplicity and effectiveness, strikes me a something close to genius. Watch our interview to find out how he keeps the gawkers at bay.


Nathaniel Meyer’s latest exhibition is at Elizabeth Moss Galleries in Falmouth. It runs from April 19 to May 18.

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