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West Bath woman creates soap opera podcast

Fifteen cast members record the 15-minute episodes of the podcast, 'Restless Shores', in Marsha Hinton's West Bath home.

WEST BATH, Maine — A media group in West Bath is dipping its toes into the world of podcasting.

New Meadows Media released its first episode of the soap opera podcast, called "Restless Shores", in January. Fifteen cast members record their lines once a week, including Shirley Savage who plays the role of Regina Miranda. She loves every minute of bringing the 15-minute episodes of scandal, intrigue and salaciousness to the airwaves.

"A fantastic cast. Greg Tulonen, who's the writer, is an amazing writer," said Savage. "Every time we get a script there's some new little twist, and he has all these great cliff hangers, and we're like, 'No you can't leave us there Greg.'"

Restless Shores was created by Marsha Hinton who lives in the same home where the recordings take place. When she decided to write and create a soap opera, she wasn't sure what media it would work for. The reactions from prospective investors didn't help.

"I had a lot of people tell me it wouldn't work," said Hinton. "There's nothing like sitting across from someone who's looking over their glasses at you saying, 'Well it's really not viable, is it?'"

She didn't listen and took matters into her own hands and her own home. The show has been downloaded around 2,900 times and counting. No one knows where the plot of Restless Shores will go, but just like the top soap operas that started in the 1960's, anything could happen.

"People don't even have to really die permanently," said Hinton with a smile. "They could come back later."

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