LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There have been plenty of films produced in Maine, but one man and his ever-growing team of actors are in the midst of creating a web series.
JR Fortin is not only the creator of Heart of New England, he's the lead character.
It's action, drama, and a little bit of soap opera, and it's putting quite a few Maine actors to work.

JR Fortin has a passion for writing and creating, but it was his friends who inspired him to pen a mini series called "Hearts of New England."

"I just always wanted to do a web series on soldiers coming back," said Fortin, who said he saw a change in his friends who had come back from war.

Fortin had an idea, and a formula; something he hoped would attract a wide audience, and keep them coming back.

"This is going to be five seasons long," said Fortin.

For Fortin, his actors, and production staff, there are many benefits to creating a series. "With indie films we go a stretch of somebody filming a movie and then there's nothing for like three months. Having "Hearts of New England" there is consistent work for the actors to come and be a part of something and keep up with their character."

The production has already grown in just a few months from a cast of eight to include more than forty actors from all over New England; and has featured a number of area businesses in various scenes.

The crew hopes their carefully crafted story will resonate with many more people once the first season is released late summer. For now, it's helping to grow a small community of actors and filmmakers in New England.

Fortin says there is a plan for a premiere of "Hearts of New England" at the Saco Drive-In in September, which will include a meet and greet with cast members from the series.