PORTLAND, Maine — Attaching some electrodes and creating a circuit isn't what many would consider an avenue to music. But to Audiobody, that's the whole point. They play music, using samples and sound bites programmed to 'instruments' they have made. And then they go to another level and connect members of their audience with these instruments. They did it with members of 207 and our meteorologist Keith Carson, and created a nice little ditty. 

Beyond thinking about the creative mind that had to come up with this idea it is hard to stop watching them. The brainchild of Jason & Matt Tardy and with Steve Corning available a to perform, Audiobody is infectious at how much fun they are having. They may be in the groove of the Imperial Death March from the Star Wars and the boyish smiles that beam and radiate make the dreariest of days bright and sunny.

They are performing at the Franco Center in Lewiston on Friday, Feb. 9.