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Thinking of raising chickens, here is some helpful information.

Lisa Steele & Peggy Keyser teamed up to make create this guidebook to raising chickens.

"Chickens are exotic and beautiful," said Peggy Keyser. A longtime contributor to 207 she is also accomplished at raising chickens. She teamed with Lisa Steele to make the photographs in their book 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks. This isn't a typical 'helpful' advice book it has information that makes raising chicken much easier than you might expect, and it also suggests sharing your vodka with your birds. There are lovely photographs to visually communicate the easy ideas of reusing things left around your house. You have an old chair, it would make a great roost. Or perhaps that wardrobe your children grew out of, repurpose that to your chicken coop for another place for the hens to lay eggs. Speaking of eggs, when you have fresh eggs daily there are many uses for them. Make your own balm or even mayonnaise. It's all in this vibrant little book.

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