Combining the aural entrapments of acoustic guitar, djembe, and vocal creations of front man Frank Kadillac, Neon Dreams plays to stadium size audiences in Canada. They've even played for the handsome prime minister Justin Treaudeax. Of course, they have a thumping sound system and a dj and synths programmed to shake your teeth out during some of their stadium performances, but here on 207 a the launch of their US tour that will circumnavigate the lower 48 in about 60 days, they played an intimate set. Just playing 2 songs for us on the 207 studio they feel like they are young boys circled around a campfire, cracking fun, mixing non-sense with brilliance as the awareness of being creative and the joy of creation catch their tails.

The three of them, Frank Kadillac, Matt Gats & Adrian Morris have been playing together for years. It shows, you can see how they interact on a familial level, nuanced within their respective genre as well as paying close attention to the micro expressions & subtle modulations the others are making. If you watch them play you can see the synchronicity within their arrangements.

This is where it began for them in the states, Halifax originals, Canada's Neon Dreams.