A few weeks ago a neighbor who lived across the street from my parents in the 1990s sent me an email. You might be interested, she said, in doing a story on my nieces.

I was skeptical. Nieces? Really? But as I read on, it became apparent that these young women are indeed out of the ordinary.

Sara and Leigh-Ann Esty, who are identical twins, grew up in Gorham. “I remember not being able to sit still,” Sara says, which is why her parents channeled both kids into dance lessons. They excelled at Maine State Ballet and then performed for several years with the Miami City Ballet. Then came shows on Broadway and with national tours.

In short, the Esty sisters are a nice Maine success story. They're both back here for the holidays, and while Leigh-Ann couldn't join us, Sara was able to come to the 207 studio for an interview. So, a tip of the hat to my parents' neighbor. If only we all had such talented nieces.