The Oratorio Chorale is a vocal phenomenon. Now in its fifth decade & 6th year conducted & artistically arranged by Emily Isaacson, Oratorio Chorale is an organization of 70 auditioned and professionally directed singers committed to advancing choral music. But the pedigrees of the singers & the ensemble are mere words when you hear the symphonic cacophony that comes forth when all of them sing together. It could be the Presque Isle phonebook that they are reading from as they harmonize and sing it sounds like an aural assault from some divine intervention. Of course, it isn't the Presque Isle phonebook they refer to, it is carefully curated and directed by the exuberant Emily Isaacson whose passion for music is infectious. Her joy in directing these singers is apparent in their faces as they all watch her embody the music they are singing.

It is something to behold.

And of course, you can get a chance to see them. The Oratorio Chorale is performing at St Pauls Church In Brunswick Friday December 14 at 7pm & Saturday December 15th at 2pm & 5pm .

And also at St Mary's Church in Falmouth Friday, December 21 at 7pm and Saturday, December 22 at 2pm.

For tickets & to learn more about them, please visit their website. The Oratorio Chorale.