(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Birdie Googins was the lovable and relatable character convincing us to shop at Marden's Surplus and Salvage for years. It was a character pulled from the mind of Karmo Sanders, a comedian, who calls Birdie a mix of her mother and John Cleese.

Once the commercials stopped in 2013, Karmo Sanders seemed to disappear too. Part of that, she says, is because she lost her best collaborator; her husband Jerry.

"Never trust a man," Sanders jokes. "He'll die on you." She laughs now, but Sanders admits she had a few dark years after the loss of her husband. "You don't have any idea somebody is reflecting you until you're having to reflect your own self," says Sanders. "Birdie bombed. She went up on stage and bombed in front of a whole bunch of dentists... if I could have just had a fire hose of Novocaine we could have helped it out. I actually had to walk off the stage."

Sanders left the stage completely, taking on a job at an elderly home and working as a professor at the University of Southern Maine . She even considered a run for Governor, admitting that while she's not political, the climate in Augusta needs to improve and more conversation needs to happen about education and livable wages.

Sanders returns to the stage on August 25th at Readfield Union Meeting House Company. The historic 1828 building has recently been renovated.

Sanders is also the playwright behind "Homer Bound," a comedy about a shotgun wedding off the coast of Maine which will take the stage at Good Theater in November. "These characters, I grew up with them," Sanders laughs. "I just finished rewriting it with Sally Wood, it's all shined up and ready to go."